Skincare and Medical Aesthetic Treatments In Men


Medical aesthetic procedures today aren’t just popular among women. In recent years, there was a noticeable rise in the number of men undergoing cosmetic procedures. Although the idea of men trying cosmetic procedures was somewhat controversial in the past, the perception of society towards beauty and aesthetics is now evolving. 

The concept of body positivity today does not only center around encouraging women. It has become more inclusive to anyone no matter what age or gender. Since different medical aesthetic treatments can now address numerous types of concerns, it has opened the doors for men who wish to change something about their physical appearance.

The internet also plays an important role when it comes to how society is becoming more progressive towards medical aesthetic procedures and gender. The fact that we can learn about other cultures by simply browsing through our phones helps people become more educated and less fearful of what they don’t know. This also allows us to expand our horizons and discover new beauty concepts in other cultures.  

At present, men are becoming keener to the way they look and how they present themselves. Men are also starting to deviate from old social stigmas about grooming and hygiene. Skincare is something that both genders practice nowadays and with so many products available in the market, it’s much easier to find the perfect products that are suitable for specific skin types.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the most essential skincare products a man should use. We’re also going to discuss what are the most popular medical aesthetic procedures that men choose to undergo in recent years. 

Popular Male Skincare Products

Though women have always been considered to have more sensitive skin, skincare in men should never be taken lightly. Since men grow facial hair and typically have oiler skin than women, there is a difference between how skincare should be practiced in both genders. The following are the most common types of products that should be part of a man’s normal skincare routine:

  • Sunscreen

Plenty of men love to be active and spend time on outdoor excursions. However, too much exposure to the sun without using sunscreen makes your skin vulnerable to harmful UV rays. This can be detrimental to the overall well-being of your skin and may even lead to skin cancer. It can also cause your skin to age prematurely which manifests through fine lines and wrinkles. Wearing sunscreen especially during outdoor activities is the first step when it comes to caring for your skin.  

  • Moisturizer

A common misconception people have about having oily skin is that there is no need to use any kind of moisturizer. Since men generally produce more oil than women, most guys think that there is no need to use any type of moisturizing product. Having oily skin, however, does not mean that your skin is hydrated. A moisturizer acts as a protective barrier and prevents the skin from dryness and irritation. 

  • Toner

Using a toner gets rid of dirt and sebum that cannot be removed by soap. It cleanses without irritating the skin and sets it up for the next product that you’ll apply. It also helps in preventing acne breakouts and usually results in a brighter complexion. Toners should be applied daily so they can properly balance the pH levels of your skin.

  • Facial Cleanser

Unlike soaps which are generally made for the entire body, facial cleansers are specially formulated for the skin on your face. Cleansers can unclog your pores from dirt and sebum so practicing daily use can allow your pores to shrink back to normal size. Some facial cleansing products also have hydrating properties so it’s always necessary to choose the right type of cleanser specifically for your skin.


Most Common Medical Aesthetic Procedures in Men

Since there’s plenty of medical aesthetic procedures available today, it’s not hard to find the right one for the condition you wish to address. In this part of the article, we’re going to discuss the most popular procedures men undergo and why they are performed. 

  • Rhinoplasty

Nose jobs have only grown in popularity in a wide range of demographics in recent years. Patients who undergo this medical aesthetic procedure are either put under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. The main purpose of a rhinoplasty is to give the nose a better shape or structure. In some cases, rhinoplasty is performed to correct a deviated septum to make the nose look straighter.

  • Blepharoplasty

Also referred to as eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty is often done to improve the way the skin around the eyes appears. Aging usually causes the skin around the eyes to droop and the eyebrows to sag. This medical aesthetic procedure is performed to get rid of the fat and extra skin around the eyes. The results can make the face look younger with a brighter and less “tired-looking” expression. 

  • Liposuction

This medical aesthetic procedure is considered popular among both men and women. It is performed to give the body a better figure or shape. It is typically performed around the abdomen, thighs, hips, and buttocks. The procedure works by removing the unwanted fat around the specific area using a suctioning device. Most patients recover around 8 weeks depending on which area of the body the procedure was performed.

  • Male Breast Revision

This type of medical aesthetic procedure is often done to address gynecomastia, a condition in men where there is an increase in breast tissue. Typically, gynecomastia is caused by a hormonal imbalance and can affect either one or both breasts. Male breast revision addresses this problem by removing the excess breast tissue. On average, the downtime for patients only takes 1 to 2 weeks.

  • Chin Augmentation

Having a strong chin and jawline is considered a more masculine trait. This is why chin augmentations in men have become more increasingly popular over the past years. It’s a medical aesthetic procedure that helps to define both chin and jawline for a more symmetrical appearance. Typically implants are used to contour the face and patients can resume normal activity after 10 days. 


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