Ultra Beaujet

High Pressure Jet Remodeling Technology

Revolutionary needle-less dermal remodeling technology using high pressure jet energy

Ultra Beaujet device


Face Treatments Facelifts
Neckline Lifting
Smile Line Treatment

Body Treatments Stretch Marks
Hypertrophic & Keloid Scars


ULTRA-BEAUJET is a revolutionary needle-less dermal remodeling technology that uses high pressure jet energy to deliver skin-enhancing solutions deep into the dermis via a kinetic jet stream. This technology creates a micro-injury before applying a laterally-spread active solution into the deep dermis to induce collagen regeneration and rapid skin healing for long lasting aesthetic improvement. ULTRA-BEAUJET offers safe and predictable results for all skin types with a low risk of PIH.

How Works

  • 1

    Wrinkled skin because of reduced collagen.

  • 2

    ULTRA-BEAUJET delivers healing compounds to the dermis via a tiny point.

  • 3

    Healing compounds disperse laterally into the dermis, promoting collagensynthesis.

  • 4

    Increased thickness in the epidermis leads to visual improvement.

  • 5

    Natural wound healing promotes skin rejuvenation.

Why ?

Efficacy ULTRA-BEAUJET delivers evenly distributed healing solutions through a tiny micron entry point by maintaining a uniform pneumatic pressure level during operation. This powerful but painless pneumatic technology serves as a precise and accurate treatment for the dermis.

Flexibility ULTRA-BEAUJET is one of the most effective single platforms for treating a wide range of applications across all areas of the body. The technology employs customized solutions by combining kinetic jet streams for numerous indications, including effective dermal remodeling.

Safety ULTRA-BEAUJET creates only a tiny micron entry point in the epidermis to deliver skin-enhancing solutions into the dermal layer. This needle-less treatment entails minimal downtime and only mild discomfort with a reduced risk of PIH because it does not use thermal heating.

VS Competitors

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Durability Kit
Leakage Loss
Pressure Level
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& Keloid Scars

Technology Highlights

Disposable Syringe
Disposable Nozzle

Delivery Kit Durability The ULTRA-BEAUJET nozzle is made from special cutting-edge materials that ensure the durability of the nozzle during long treatments. These high-quality materials ensure there is no bending or damage to the kit for up to 300 shots during long treatment sessions.

Advanced User-Friendly GUI ULTRA-BEAUJET was built with practitioners in mind and includes a user-friendly GUI and programmable buttons for setting personal parameters. It also comes with a full installation tutorial for ease of use.

  • Easy Mode
  • Manual Mode


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