ACUTRON device

Treatment Dry Eye Syndrome
Persistent Conjunctival Chemosis
Superior Limbic Keratoconjunctivitis
Severe Conjunctivochalasis (Cch)


ACUTRON is an advanced single electrolysis thermo-coagulation technology that uses a 2.OMHz radiofrequency (RF). The precision controlled RF energy saves time, reduces bleeding and is less likely to cause complications by minimizing thermal damage to surrounding tissue.

Energy Stability
For Delicate Treatment

ACUTRON's advanced energy stability enables practitioners to use parameters less than 1 watt while maintaining precise control over output energy. The ability to control low energy output with precision makes it easy to select the optimal parameters needed for safe and effective treatment

How Radio Frequency(RF) Technology Works

The needle penetrates the target treatment area.
The targeted cells easily absorb energy due to RF's strong affinity for water.
The process emits steam, which aids in coagulation.

Technology Highlights

Technology Synergy for Maximum Safety and Efficiency ACUTRON's 2MHz radio frequency enables deep penetration for more effective treatment. The synergy between the 2MHz radio frequency, ACUTRON's low power pulse control and the OcuRf Needle ensures safer and more effective treatment for multiple indications, with a low risk of side effects.

Pulse Mode For Precise Treatment
& Quick Recovery
ACUTRON GUI comes equipped with a pulse mode. This mode emits short controlled pulses that allow the practitioner to minimize heat contraction during treatment, resulting in faster healing by minimizing thermal damage.


Precision Patented optimized thickness and sharpness (68µm, 15⁰) improves soft control in ophthalmic surgery and can be easily bent to adjust the depth of penetration

Safety The 2.0 MHz high frequency radio wave electrolysis with advanced controls minimizes heat dissipation and cellular alteration

Quick Recovery Reduced thermal damage to surrounding tissue speeds up the healing process and allows patients to get back on their feet quickly

Advanced Needle Quality

OcuRF Needle Pin unit: 1 ea
Thickness: Φ 0.068mm
Mode: Micro RF Mode
Conjunctivochalasis, Persistent Chemosis, Superior Limbic Keratoconjunctivitis (SLK), Lymphangiectasis, Severe Aqueous Deficiency Dry Eye, Trichiasis

The OcuRF Needle is
a specialized needle
designed for
ACUTRON OcuRF's patented thickness and sharpness of 68μm and 15˚ allows for safe and precise treatment without the risk of any side effects.
The cutting-edge materials used in the needle make it optimal for treating many indications without penetrating the sclera.

OcuRF Needle
The materials used in the ACUTRON's needle enable energy to be focused at the tip without the need for a coating. This advanced Non-Insulated technology prevents any particles from remaining in subconjunctival space after surgery.

ACUTRON’s state-of-the-art patented thickness and sharpness mean there is no risk of remnant particles.
Competitors :
Needle remnant particles remain in subconjunctival space after surgery.
Remnant polytetrafluoroethylene needle particles from the RF shaft and subconjunctival space.

Evaluation Of Subconjunctival Remnant Particles after High-frequency Radio-wave Electrosurgery for Conjunctivochalasis Korean J Ophthalmol 2019;33 (1h8-15)


The OcuRF Needle contains a specialized disposable fine radio-frequency (RF) tip for ophthalmic indications, offering many advantages in accuracy and safety for thin and soft tissue. The OcuRF Needle is effective for treating a variety of ophthalmic diseases including conjunctivochalasis, chronic chnemosis, electrolysis, as well as punctal occlusion in dry eye treatment. (Ophthalmic RF Surgery by Choi, Youtube)

Chul Young Choi, M.D. Ph.D. Professor / Director
Department of Ophthalmology
Kangbuk Samsung Hospital.
Sungkyunkwan University, School of Medicine

Chul Young Choi


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