VIKINI device


High Power 808nm Diode Laser System

THE FASTEST VIRTUALLY PAINLESS HAIR REMOVAL LASER Clinically proven through hundreds of global clinical trials on various skin types, VIKINI is the most reliable diode laser system for virtually painless laser hair removal. With an optimum wavelength of 808nm, quick operation up to 10Hz and a variety of pulse modes, VIKINI serves as an effective hair removal solution for all skin types.

TREATMENT Hair Removal


VIKINI device

Exclusive collimation technology enables far more stable and uniform beam quality, which decreases energy loss and enables fast, safe and comfortable hair removal treatment for all skin types through the combination of a range of pulse modes

  • Fast and Effective

    The collimation optic is highly accurate in emitting a uniform laser wavelength, resulting in more effective treatment by reducing the loss and dispersion of laser energy.

  • Virtually Painless

    VIKINI has a powerful sapphire tip contact cooling system in order to minimize thermal damage and make treatment comfortable.

Rate of Loss
Ultrafast Speed

Rapid operation of up to 10Hz with the continuous pulse mode can safely treat a full back in less than seven minutes with ultrafast speed.

A Range of Applications

The range of laser pulse modes included in the system offer a safe and effective way to treat all skin and hair types in less time and with less pain than other lasers.

Multiple Laser
Pulse modes

VIKINI comes equipped with the FDP, DP1 and DP2 pulse modes that allow practitioners to alternate between continuous, short, long or combined pulses or multi-pulses according to the patient's skin and hair type, guaranteeing effective treatment outcomes.

VIKINI device
DP1 MODE Four Laser Pulses
1 Short Pulse
  • • Bright skin/thin hair
  • • Delivers strong output
2 Long Pulse
  • • Dark skin/thick hair
  • • Double the pulse duration
3 Burst Pulse
  • • Sensitive skin
  • • Three consecutive pulses
4 Blend Pulse
  • • Mixed thick & thin areas
  • • Short & long pulses
147J Max Energy
DP2 MODE Intensive Multi-pulse Technique

Intensive hair removal for fine hair

FDP MODE Quick Motion Technique

Fastest hair removal for large areas
7 mins for a full back
2 mins for armpits

up to 10HZ
Fast Treatment

Hair removal

VIKINI device
  • Pulse Duration

    Fast Influence on hair & skin type (Min 13ms -)

  • Fluence

    Effectiveness of permanent hair removal
    (Max: 120J/cm²)

  • Wavelength

    Concentration on follicles

  • Cooling Temp

    Stability of treatment

12x11mm Spot Size
Up to 10Hz Repetition Rate
Stable & Uniform
Beam Quality
Contact Cooling


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