Global Presence

The Whole Wide World

ilooda is in the process of building a global network and achieving rapid growth in the medical equipment market, while also building trust.
We study the ways to enhance patient satisfaction through collaboration with medical experts around the world. Ultimately, we seek to enhance the quality of global medical service through greater health equity and stronger healthcare safety nets.

One Step Ahead

We are well aware that we cannot bring about a 'healthy world’ for humankind by ourselves.
We are expanding global access by sharing our technology, services and resources, with partners around the world and lowering regional barriers to treatment to provide quality medical services.

Closest to You

wherever you are

We are pioneering new fields of medical research so that patients in need of our products can experience our products wherever they may be.


We have established a joint network with overseas government research institutes and university hospitals for technology partnerships and clinical trials.
We have built a strong network of 60 distributors from 48 countries This infrastructure enables us to apply new technology and clinical approaches to the entire world’s population.

We have built a strong network
with 67 distributors

from 52 countries


- Providing quick customer service support after product sales

- Establishing a streamlined parts supplying system

Key Doctors

- Presenting on product innovation through academic conferences and seminars

- Carrying out joint research and development

Exhibitions & Academic Support

- Taking part in numerous global exhibitions and product promotions

- Supporting global academia.

Export Amount
and Sales Ratio Trend

Strong Overseas Sales Network

Approximately 67 distributors in 52 countries worldwide 26 key doctors from 14 countries worldwide Global export rate of 78.3% (2019)


12 countries

19 distributors


42 countries

63 distributors


50 countries

80 distributors

Future of ilooda
  • Pursuing expansion into developed markets based on FDA certification
  • Targeting the Southeast Asian market through investment in the Indonesian clinic center
  • Entering the Chinese market with personal HIFU equipment
  • Continued marketing efforts through overseas exhibitions and conferences
  • Improving validity and integrity through Key Opinion Leaders
  • Expanding from hospital-oriented marketing to SHOP and home-based marketing

a world-class quality system

Certification completed in Korea (GMP), Europe (ISO 13485) and Canada (CMDCAS, MDSAP)

acquiring overseas certification

Certification completed or in progress in Korea (MDFS), USA (FDA), Europe (CE MDD), Canada HC, China (CFDA) and 11 other countries

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