Social Responsibility

We do the best we can based on the belief
that everything we do is meaningful work to improve lives.
We hope to prove this through our social responsibility initiatives
with partners around the world.

Ethical Management

ilooda feels a responsibility not only toward our members,
patients, and partners, but also toward the natural environment.
We want to remain fully cognizant of our social responsibility to the communities in which we carry out business activities.
ilooda is committed to meeting appropriate ethical standards
and maintaining fairness, trust, open communication, and transparency in every interaction with customers, partners, and colleagues.

The medical
equipment industry

has strict laws, product licensing rules, and regulations on advertisements and reviews for selling. In order to comply with these guidelines, we practice ethical management in every activity that involves dealing with medical personnel, medical institutes, and patients, and engage in fair and honest promotional activities.

Clear Awareness of the Healthcare Environment

ilooda's core commitment is to improve human lives.

We will continually pursue our mission of building healthy lives through the development of innovative and impactful technologies and high-quality service.
As a global leader, ilooda desires to go step further than the medical aesthetic field to solve regional limitations, reduce healthcare inequity, and expand specialized education on medical equipment so that the waves of change we create can spread to the global community and ultimately be returned to society.
ilooda stands together with the whole world, community medical staff,
and patients.

between medical staff,
medical institutes
and patients

starts from the exchange of medical expertise,
and plays a significant role in improving patient treatment.
ilooda strives to meet the standards of fair trade awareness
that govern such interactions.
ilooda responsibly abides by a fair and honest code
of conduct in order to increase transparency
and promote mutual trust between related stakeholders.

Providing Medical Service Opportunities for All

We believe everyone deserves the best treatment.
We dream of a future world in which healthcare
rooted in good health and well-being becomes part of our everyday life.
ilooda seeks to serve all members of society
regardless of their age, region, or ethnicity.
We hope to bring the ilooda experience to more people so that they can experience greater health and

Establishing a Culture of
Diversity and Inclusivity

ilooda's members are as diverse as our patients and partners.
We promote a fair organizational culture of all, by all, and for all.
Our inclusive organizational cultures leads to excellent work performance and quality jobs.
We also respect the diversity among our users from
countries around the world, and create better products that everyone can use.

Commitment to
a Sustainable Environment

Creating a beautiful Earth and a healthier tomorrow.
ilooda studies environmental ethics and beliefs in order to practice responsible consumption and production.
Our members share environment solutions that they have discovered and carry out zero-waste campaigns.
We take environmental protection seriously and seek harmony between nature and humans.
It will take time to perfect, but we will continue our research to find better solutions.

Our unique
product portfolio
and technology

have always the medical professionals in mind.

ilooda shares
healthy happiness

This is a stone that will strive to contribute
to the local community through active social contribution activities
and practicing love for a healthier and warmer world.

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