VeLux 755/808

Motion scanning technology for optimal hair removal
VeLux device

Combines 755nm & 808nm laser wavelengths based on motion scanning technology


Treatment Hair Removal

Motion scanning
technology for optimal hair removal

755nm & 808nm

VeLux serves as an optimal solution for permanent hair removal by combining two effective laser wavelengths of 755nm & 808nm based on motion scanning technology. These wavelengths are emitted simultaneously, with the concentrated energy removing unwanted hair by targeting hair follicles with minimal pain. Motion scanning technology with the large adjustable spot size up to 50mm x 15mm enables safe, rapid and comfortable hair treatment on both small and large areas without the use of an anesthetic.

Motion Scanning Technology is a revolutionary method for fast hair removal treatment. The technology effectively scans a large 50mm x 15mm area in approximately 0.5-1.5sec. The high power density of 2,400W/㎠ enables the delivery of high fluence with a short pulse duration up to 3ms for fine and bright hair, without the risk of side effects.


Smart Target Motion delivers energy to five different areas in a random order, making treatment virtually and painless and incredibly tolerable for patients.

  • 1

    Skin is cooled before and throughout treatment

  • 2

    Dual waves focus into a single laser beam that scans and reaches into hair follicles

  • 3

    Mild erythema and edema may occur on the treated areas

  • 4

    Hair will naturally start to disappear

Technology Highlights


High Speed and Flexibility The large spot size offers fast hair removal using Motion Scanning Technology. The scan size can be adjusted from 50mm to 10mm for simple and convenient targeting of small areas on the face and body. The unique magnetic connectable facial tip also makes it easier and more comfortable to reach narrow 10mm x 15mm areas for excellent results.

Powerful Cooling and Comfort The combination of powerful sapphire tip contact cooling and Motion Scanning Technology facilitates optimal hair removal treatment compared to conventional laser hair removal systems, without the need for anesthetic or gels. Practitioners also have the option of an extra air cooling adaptor for fine hair or sensitive skin, which offers improved comfort during treatment.

Contact Cooling Plus Extra Air Cooling
Benefits of Dual Wavelength

Benefits of Dual Wavelength VeLux755 is able to offer a wide range of safe treatment coverage for all skin and hair types, including light skin and thin hair, by taking full advantage of the deep penetration and high energy absorption rate offered by the dual 808 and 755nm laser wavelengths.


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