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The mission of ilooda (‘achievement') reflects our promise to help patients enjoy more meaningful lives by achieving their values and better health. We refuse to become complacent over past achievements, and remain committed to creating new value based on our unique perspective and experience.


Effective medical services should be easier and more convenient to bring greater satisfaction to patients.
Ideas are the medium for transforming complicated problems and diseases into solutions.
We believe in assisting patients to take care of their own health and find the right medical personnel for effective treatment.
We aim to show patients a better life so that they can carve their own path and maintain healthy, positive lifestyles.


An obsession with innovation lies at ilooda’s core, and also serves as the driving force behind our growth.
We believe the only way to become stronger is through promising scientific advancements and taking on courageous challenges.

  • Innovation

    Comes From Creative People

    We help foster creative people with big ideas to manage our projects.
    We give our members free rein to make decisions and encourage individual capabilities so that our team can create a culture of innovation.

  • Diversity and Inclusive


    We acknowledge and respect the diversity arising from different generations, regions, genders, nationalities and ethnicities.
    We strive to become a leader in embodying the new roles that society requires of companies.

  • Communication & Trust

    We seek to create customer satisfaction through innovative technology that prioritizes safety. We listen to customer feedback and are always on the customer’s side.
    We take pride in sharing our experience with our customers.

Beginning a Journey Towards a Changed Future

We believe that diverse worldviews and a spirit of challenge are the beginning of both small differences and the true journey that brings growth in life.
We carve a new path toward the healthcare of the future so that everyone can take care of their body and enjoy all that life has to offer.

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