Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera

RetiCapture device

RetiCapture is an ideal non-mydriatic fundus camera with a wide 5" full HD touchscreen designed to utilize the full benefits of both table-top and hand-held features. While the table-top feature provides convenience of use, the hand-held feature allows you to carry your workplace with you and diagnose more patients on-the-go, making it perfect for infants or disabled or bedridden patients.


  • Wide 5" full-color TFT LCD (800xRGBx480) and zoom function for immediate examinations

  • 22mm working distance to minimize misalignment

  • Minimum pupil diameter of 3mm with a 50˚ field of view

  • Image view and live video streaming for both retinal and anterior segments

  • Automatic and manual focus control

  • High resolution 5 megapixel image sensor

  • Micro SD-card slot for immediate image saving with individual ID

  • Quick connection to PC via USB for image analysis and patient management


The RetiCapture non-mydriatic fundus camera offers a precise and detailed wide view for the monitoring of major retinal diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and more.



The table-top form provides optimal conditions for both taking and viewing multiple high-resolution images and live video streaming for retinal and anterior segments, without having to change the mode.
In anterior mode, infra-red photography allows practitioners to check the Meibomian glands on the rim of the eyelids, which are related to dry eyes. Squint analysis can also be performed on a cover/uncover test through live video streaming.


With a 22mm working distance and advanced usability, the hand-held feature makes it easier to align and capture the retina in any situation.
This helps to facilitate comprehensive eye care services for all groups of patients, including those with limited accessibility to medical treatment.
RetiCapture’s hand-held form removes the limitations of non-portable cameras, making it easier to use and enabling users to achieve high quality images after only a short period of training.


RetiCapture manager can easily transfer images live streamed video to a PC using a USB connection, making patient image management and multiple image analysis more convenient.
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