Brand Identity Introducing ilooda's CI,
connoting our management philosophy and mission

Symbol Mark

Symbol Mark
Brand Name

ilooda starts off of the wave from energy.


Centering around the letter "i" in ilooda, dynamic rhythm and continuity of technologies are represented in the shape of a regular hexahedron.

Completion of

Our mission, realizing the future that ilooda is longing for with the priority given to technologies, is symbolically represented.

CI Signature


Desired Life Design Company

ilooda's technologies pursue a better humanity.
With innovative technologies, we make healthier lives that everyone hopes for.

Color Rules

The color of ilooda shows ilooda's own identity through diverse contents.

ilooda White

R249 G248 B247
C3 M3 Y3

ilooda Bluegray

R213 G219 B231
C20 M12 Y5

ilooda Orange

R244 G166 B108
M49 Y61

ilooda Skyblue

R176 G196 B224
C38 M18 Y5

ilooda Silver

R177 G180 B185
C5 K39

ilooda Darkgray

R53 G55 B58
C15 K90

CI History

2014~ ilooda logo
2014~ trust with customers, changes emerged
2011~ ilooda logo
2011~ 'Creative'
the will to take challenge to leap into the global
2006~ ilooda logo
2006~ used I and D combined
2021~ ilooda logo
2021.09~ Pursuing current- and future-oriented values

ilooda shares healthy happiness. ilooda will spread love for the warmer and healthier world and strive to contribute to the community and public welfare
through active participation in social activities and contributions.

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