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We are passionate about having a direct and powerful impact on the lives of patients. We remain committed to innovation for the sake of bringing new hope and better health to the world.

Our Values

We think differently.
We aim to redefine the meaning of accurate, customized energy-based treatment today,
while exploring ways to bring new ideas to reality in the future.
Experience a career that has a positive influence in the world.

We are:

  • Cooperative and Reliable

    We do our best to pursue our collective goals and vision together based on trust and respect.

  • Innovative Dreamers

    We passionately pursue our dreams with our core values and principles.

  • Creative Growth

    We focus on fostering a creative mindset and expertise through continual personal development.

  • Ownership

    We carry a sense of ownership and never give up on achieving our goals.

  • Customer-Centered

    We remember our commitment to always think from the customer's perspective.

  • Being
  • an ilooda
  • Employee
Who works at ilooda?
Our people are those who pursue noble values and continual personal development. Their goal is to help everyone live better by improving patient health. We provide an environment for our members to help other people’s lives flourish.


Our focus on patient prioritization and
patient-centric care creates a more
cooperative and progressive work environment
that brings out people’s best ideas.
We support our employees to work more efficiently. It is important for us to create a comfortable
environment so that our staff enjoy their time at work.
We help our members plan a constructive future
through a good balance of work and leisure.

ilooda seeks to promote employee welfare at work and help our members fulfill their responsibilities as family members.

  • Healthcare Support
    • Preferential treatment at our partner hospitals for employee family and friends
  • Support for wedding and funeral gifts
    • Allowance for wedding and funeral gifts and support for vacations and funeral services
  • Personal growth / Professional development
    • Education training expenses
    • Learn-As-You-Earn Dual System (employee training through high school courses/college P-TECH courses/completion of four-year university courses)
  • Work-Life Balance
    • Flextime work
    • Special days (leave early on your birthday)
    • Summer/ Year-end winter vacation and voluntary annual leave (policy for promoting annual leave use)
    • Support for social club expenses
    • A range of benefits via approved registration for the SME Welfare Platform.
  • Amenities
    • Lunch, dinner and dormitory facilities provided
  • Maternity Leave
    • Parental leave for both parents/reduced working hours during childcare period
  • Benefit Sharing
    • Employee invention reward system
    • Stock options and ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan)
    • Incentives
  • Other Welfare
    • Long service awards, exceptional employee awards, business proposal bonuses along with various other rewards and awards
    • Discounts for on-site support for employee vehicle management through our partners
    • Summer dress code during the summer season
    • Employee feedback and problem-solving through anonymous discussion forum

Job Posting

ilooda is always open to creative people who can serve as pioneers of the next generation.
Build an exceptional career with ilooda.
Start a new adventure to working in a positive environment and become a part of ilooda’s outstanding team of professionals through our online job postings.
It’s not just hiring, it’s about you choosing ilooda.

  • All About
  • ilooda's
  • Hiring Process
Greetings, I’m a job manager at ilooda. Greetings,
I’m a job manager at ilooda.

ilooda has job managers who serve as guides to help match talent with each department’s work so that outstanding professionals can freely communicate with the company and receive assistance throughout the hiring process.
If you have any hiring-related inquiries, please feel free to contact us. Even if the position you’re interested in is not officially listed, send us your resume and desired job title and we will provide you with a consultation.

ilooda has job managers who serve as guides to help match talent with each department’s work so that outstanding professionals can freely communicate with the company and receive assistance throughout the hiring process.
If you have any hiring-related inquiries, please feel free to contact us. Even if the position you’re interested in is not officially listed, send us your resume and desired job title and we will provide you with a consultation.

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Consent to personal information collection and use

Privacy Policy

ilooda (here there after referred as “Company”) has established the following Privacy Policy in accordance with the “Personal Information Protection Act” to safeguard the personal information and rights of the Users and efficiently deal with Users’ grievances related to personal information. Customers’ information is a valuable resource and at the same time an important information for the management of the Company. Therefore, the Company promises to make utmost effort to protect the customers’ personal information in every stage while managing these information. The Company will notify the Privacy Policy statement via our website in the case of any amendment.

Article 1. Consent Procedure for Personal Information Collection

The Company has a separate procedure for you to click “I agree” or “I don’t agree” button regarding the content of the Privacy Policy or terms of service, where if you click the "I agree" button, it is deemed that you have agreed to the Company’s collection of your personal information.

Article 2. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information

The Company uses the personal information for the purposes described below. Any personal information processed shall not be used for purposes other than what is stated below; provided, that your prior consent will be sought in case there are changes to originally prescribed purposes.

1. Name, email, phone number, mobile phone number: to reply regarding any inquiries, give notifications, confirm, establish active communication channel for customer services, prevent fraudulent use, identify frequency of visits, check personal identification for membership service, provide information on promotions and opportunities for participation of event,  identify frequency of visit or to obtain statistics on the member’s use of services.

2. Address: to secure the shipping information giveaways and purchased products.

Article 3. Advertisement Information Transmission

1. The Company does not send any commercial information for profit purposes against your explicit refusal to receive email.

2. The Company informs you about and changes of the terms, other changes regarding use of services, new service or product, event information, other product information through electronic transmission media such as email, mobile phone, and SMS. In such case, we comply with the items and methods to specify in accordance to the relevant laws and regulation.

3. When sending any commercial information for profit purposes through e-mail, such as product information, the Company takes necessary measures in the subject reply sections of the e-mail for you to recognize it easily.

Article 4. Scope of Personal Information Collection

You can freely access most of our contents without signing up. If you would like to use the Company’s membership services, you must enter the following information:

1. Items of Personal Information Collection: name, e-mail, phone number, mobile phone number

SMS receipt consent, service usage history, visit logs, recipient information (name, phone number, address, e-mail)

2. Methods of Personal Information Collection: using inquiry board in the home page and etc.

Article 5. Period of Retaining and Utilizing Personal Information

The Company dispose the personal information without delay once the purpose of its collection and use has been attained.

However, the following information is stored for specified period by the reason as follows:

-Items retained: name, e-mail, phone number, mobile phone number
-Basis of retainment: prevention of fraudulent use of rogue members

-period of retainment: one month

According to the provisions of the relevant laws, if necessary, the Company retains the member information for a certain period of time specified by the relevant statutes as follows:

Records on processing of consumers’ complaints or disputes: three years (Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce)

Article 6. Procedures and Methods for Destroying Personal Information

In principle, the Company dispose the information without delay once the purpose of process of personal information is attained. The dispose procedure and method are as follows.

Dispose procedure                                 

The information that you provide for sign-up is moved to a separate database (a separate file box for papers) after the information is used for the intended purpose, stored for certain period of time for reasons of information protection under internal policy and relevant legislation and destroyed. The information transferred to a separate database is not used for any other purpose than being retained unless specified by law.

Disposal period: personal information of the Users shall be disposed within the 5 days since the expiration date of the retention period, and in the case where the personal information is no longer necessary, such as fulfillment of purpose of personal information processing, discontinuation of relevant services or closure of business, etc., personal information is destroyed within the 5 days since the day when such information becomes of no use.

- Dispose method
The personal information stored in files is deleted in technical ways that prevent any recovery of the record.

Article 7. Securing Safety of Personal Information

Under safety article 29 of Personal Information Protection Act, the Company takes measures to secure safety as follows.

1. Minimization and education of the person in charge of personal information management

The Company is implementing measures to manage personal information by designating and minimizing personnel handling personnel.

2. Encryption of personal information

Personal information of User is encrypted and stored; and the Company also uses separate security features, such asencryption when storing and delivering for important data.

Article 8. Response of the Person in Charge of Personal Information Protection

The Company does its best to make sure customers can safely use its service. The person in charge of customers’ personal information is as follows. The person in charge will respond quickly and sincerely to any personal information related inquiries.

Person in charge of personal information
Name: Jong-Bin Won

Position: Management Support Division
Telephone: 031-278-4660

The information subject may inquire about all personal information protection related matters, complaint handling, damage relief, etc. that occurred using the Company’s service to the person in charge of personal information protection and department in charge
Article 9. Feedback Procedure and Complaint Handling

The Company values the customers’ opinions and believe that customers have rights to receive sincere response to their inquiries. The Company operates customer service center for active communication with the customers.

Real-time counseling and phone call counseling are available only during the business hour. In the case of counseling through e-mail or post, we will return the response within 24 hours after receiving it. However, if inquiries are received after the working hours or during the weekends and holidays, it will be processed next day.

The Company takes the following measures on misused personal information.

1. If the Company finds that User signed up by abusing other’s personal information, the Company will take necessary measure such as service discontinuation and the account deletion for the ID in concern.

2. If User notices one’s personal information abuse and requests for discontinuation of service use or account deletion for the ID in concern the Company will immediately take the measure.

If you need other personal information related consultation, you can also contact KISA PRIVACY center, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office Cybercrime Investigation Department, and Korean National Police Agency cyber terror response center.

KISA PRIVACY center   (
Supreme Prosecutors’ Office Cybercrime Investigation Department   (
Korean National Police Agency cyber terror response center

Article 10. Duty of Notification

The current Privacy Policy is implemented at the date of issue and in the case of any addition of modification, deletion, and revision under laws and regulations, the Company will notify seven days before its implementation through announcement.

Contact a Job Manager Tel : 031-210-1604

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Application Guide

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At ilooda, we are always open to courageous and talented individuals who can serve as problem-solvers for the improvement of human health and disease treatment.

We strive to provide equal employment opportunities.
Hiring and related decisions are made irrespective of sex, race, age, disability, religion, nationality, skin color, or social disadvantages.

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