Road to Sustainability

ilooda conceptualized
a full-cycle platform
specialized in medical equipment
development for the purposes of
creating medical equipment
with greatly improved
efficiency, accessibility,
and safety.

We have created a sustainable platform for developing
the medical equipment of the future
by combining bold technology with original ideas.
This is ilooda’s groundbreaking full-cycle process.

A professional R&D platform
with medical personnel.

We develop medical equipment with outstanding clinical utility and safety in collaboration with healthcare providers and medical institutes in order to achieve patient-centric and clinical-demonstration-based healthcare. To integrate research planning with clinical trials, licensing, and commercialization, we carry out efficient R&D with professional medical personnel.

Sustainable Future Platform
Links between research planning and clinical products

Efficient joint R&D professional
medical staff

  • Need for disease treatment

    Providing quality
    medical services

  • Medical
  • Providing clinical knowledge
    Post-development validation/clinical
    Product purchase decisions

    Innovative medical devices

Developing In-house Expertise in Local and Overseas Clinical Trials and Licensing

ilooda has a dedicated in-house licensing team that identifies important factors through a PM-centered product development system, which enables a strategic approach and competitive advantage with global certification institutes.

Clinical achievements
from the
past three years

  • Preclinical trials 0
  • Clinical trials 0
  • Papers presented 0

ilooda network

ilooda has established a cooperative network
with external research agencies
such as universities and research institutes.
From product planning to commercialization,
we are always striving to develop original technology.

Established an R&D network that is always connected with technical and clinical support institutions

Key Opinion
  • countries

  • specialists

  • projects in progress

Technology development
in partnership with industry,
universities and
research institutes
  • government-funded research institutes

  • university

  • accredited testing institutes


Multi-institutional joint research projects (State-supported R&D projects)

  • Laser fusion body temperature measuring device
  • Portable camera for diagnosing anterior/posterior segment diseases
  • AI diagnostic camera using conjunctival goblet cell image analysis
Consistent investment in R&D to build a variety of portfolios

Establishment of ilooda's
unique patent management system

  • 2016 18
  • Larger
  • 2020 0
  • Intellectual
    Property Status
    • Patent, utility model23
    • Design, Trade Mark59
  • R&D Actual
    • Research Project36
    • Government task19
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