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ilooda Website Terms and Conditions

Chapter 1. General Provisions
Article 1. Purpose
The purpose of this Terms and Conditions, in regard to internet related services (hereafter referred as “Service”) provided by ilooda (hereafter referred as “Company”), is to set forth the terms of the rights, duty, and responsibilities of the User and the Site.

Article 2. Definition of Terms
The Terms herein shall be defined as follows:

(1) “Site” refers to a virtual business place created by means of telecommunication equipment or computer in order enable the Company to provide goods or services to the User. It also refers to the business that operates the Site,

(2) “User” refers to the Users who use the services provided by the Site in accordance to this Agreement.

Article 3. Effect and Modification of Terms and Conditions

(1) The Site is effective by displaying the content of this contents of this Agreement, business address, employer ID number, and contact information (phone number, fax, e-email address, etc.) on the initial service homepage. However, the contents of the Agreement may be provided in the form of a link to a separate page.

(2) The Company may modify this Agreement within the scope not contravening any relevant laws such as Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Digital Signature Act, Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. Act on Door-to-Door Sales, etc., and Consumer Protection Act. In such case, the Company shall announce the effective date, the reasons of such modification, and amended contents along with the current Agreement at least 7 days prior to the effective date on the initial page.

(3) Under Article 2, amended Agreement takes effect through same procedure stated in Article 1.

Article 4. Additional Terms

The terms not specified herein shall be determined pursuant to the relevant laws or generally accepted commercial practices

Chapter 2. Use of Service
Article 5. Use of Service

(1) Any User intending to use the Site’s Service, the User must provide personal information that the  Site requires.

(2) The Company may defer approval of a User’s Service use request in circumstances as follows:
1. Where the request is made with other person’s identity or made with false name.
2. Where the Service use contract request is made with falsified information.
3. Where the request is made with intention to disrupt public order or good morals and manners.
4. Where it is difficult to approve the Service use due to the reasons attributable to requesting person.

Article 6. Limitation of Service Use

(1) In principle, services shall be available for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year unless there is any special operational or technological delay.

(2) The Company may temporarily suspend Services in the event of checkup, repair, replacement, breakdown, and breakage in communication.

(3)  In case of the suspension of services under Paragraph 2 above, the Site shall notify the Members of such suspension via prior notice as specified in Article 13. However, if the Site finds it impossible to make a prior notice of the service suspension caused by an uncontrollable cause, then a prior notice shall not be made.

(4) Services that Site provides are generally free. However, in case of paid content, User must pay a fee specified in the content to use it.

(5) Copyright and other intellectual property rights for all contents provided by the shall be attributed to the Site.

(6) The User shall not use any contents obtained by using the Site to copy, send, publish, distribute, broadcast or through other means to use it for profit or let third parties to use it without the consent of the Company.

(7) The Company shall not be liable for any damages to arising out of any service provided free of charge.

Chapter 3. Obligation
Article 7. Obligation

(1) The Site has obligation to provide service continuously and reliably in accordance with this Agreement.

(2) The Site has obligation to handle the User’s opinion submitted through prescribed procedure, through appropriate procedure and if it requires more time, it shall notify the User reason for delay and of an expected timeline.

(3) The Site shall securely protect the Users’ personal information and such information shall be used only to operate and improve quality service or for internal purposes such as product introduction etc. and shall not provide such information other institute and thir parties for other purposes.

(4) The User shall abide by the items set forth by this Agreement and relevant laws.

(5) The Users must perform none of the following activities in use of the service.
1. Entering false information while applying or modifying.

2. Transmitting or uploading information (computer program, etc.) not set by the Site.
3. Violating copyrights such as that of Site and other third party.
4. Disrupting the business or defaming the Site and other third party.
5. Disclosure or posting of obscene or violent messages, images, voices, or other information against public domain.
6. User engaged in any of the following action shall not be provided of the Site’s service.
a. Act of violating the public order and good morals and manners.

b. Act related to a criminal action
c. Act of using the Service with the intent to undermine national or social common good.
d. Act of undermining an other’s honor or causing disadvantage to the other.
e. Act of undermining health service use by causing damages to the service.
f. Act of violating relevant laws and Terms of Use set forth by the Site.

Chapter 4. General Matter
Article 8. Management of User’s Post

The Site may delete the User’s post without prior notice if the post falls under any of the following items:
1. Content intended to criticize other or slander to defame an individual or a group.

2. Content violating public order and good morals and manner
3. Content deemed to be a criminal act.

4. Content violating rights such as copyright.
5. Content violating relevant laws and regulations set forth by the Site.

Article 9 Indemnity

(1) Site shall be exempt from the duty to provide service when natural disaster or other force majeure prevents service provision.

(2) Site will not be responsible for hindrance to service of reasons attributed to the User.

(3) Site will not be responsible when User fails to earn expected profit from using the Service or any loss resulting from the information User gathered while using the service.

(4) Site shall not be responsible for credibility and truthfulness of the information, data, and facts posted by the User of the Service.

(5) Site shall not be responsible for User’s loss caused by User’s intentional or accidental act in using Service.

Article 10. Notification to the Users

(1) Where Site needs to notify the members, it may send notification via email address submitted to Site by the member at the time of registration.

(2) In the case of notification to all members, the Site may substitute individual notification by posting a notice on Site’s board for at least seven days.

Article 11. Jurisdiction and Governing Law

For any disputes and lawsuits rising between the Site and User regarding the use of service, the competent court shall be South Korean court which is designated competent under Civil Procedure Act and governing law shall be Korean Law

(Addendum) This Agreement shall be effective from August 13, 2021.
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