SUPER VELOCE4800 uses a dual lamp to produce high-speed optical square pulses with 320 square pulse energy continuously emitted for up to 16 seconds, enabling cost-effective extended treatment of a variety of indications.
The repeated wavelengths penetrate deep into the skin, enabling painless N-TIGHT procedures.

How N-Tight

Utilizes a broad spectrum of near-infrared light energy to deeply heat dermal collagen.

Heating triggers the contraction and remodeling of dermal collagen, while the thermal effect promotes partial denaturation of collagen, leading to further contraction.

The combination of IPDL+ N-Tight provides optimal results Improves skin firmness and pigmentation and removes hair in a single session.

  • Allows patients to quickly return to everyday life
    (virtually no downtime)

    N-Tight Mode
    The heat leads to collagen denaturation, causing immediate contraction and long term remodeling Strong energy values can cause crusts during pigmented lesion treatment

  • A single system performs multiple lesions at once

    The replaceable filter enables smooth treatment without changing the handpiece

  • Crystal Contact

    Plate Cooling System

The range of filters can treat various lesions and create added value

Six normal filters

420nm - 695nm

420 515 560 590 640 695
Special 2 Filter

PW500 - NT800

(N-Tight Filter)

Energy Delivery through the Dual Lamp

Using a Dual Lamp, Super Veloce creates pulses and high-powered energy in a range of forms.
Stable delivery of high-powered energy in a short time (0.015sec / 253J)
Drop rate of less than 5%

Speed Beam

Rapidly produces high-speed pulses with a high level of energy.

Protecting Skin Surface with Built-In Cooling System

The fast and precise cooling system goes from room temperature (25℃) to 0℃ in three minutes, creating an optimal environment for procedures. Setting a low temperature helps to protect and minimize tissue damage during energy emission.

Options for
Any Skin Area

Rapidly deliver the right level of energy to wide or narrow skin areas through a range of spot sizes.


01 45x15mm
02 15x15m
03 15x6mm


04 Ø 6mm
05 Ø 8mm
06 Ø 10mm


With the Extra High Energy & Speed Beam core technology, SUPER VELOCE 4800 produces a uniform and stable beam of up to 235J of near-perfect high energy for 15/1000 seconds.

Comes with 4,800 treatment parameters, auto-recognition intelligent filter when inserted into a handpiece, a large beam guide and five different spot blocks to maximize treatment efficacy for a range of lesions.

Features a design that sticks to the basics with the Speed Beam System, fast and precise cooling temperature system and a circuit that detects handpiece irregularities. Delivers stable, uniform energy that remains unchanged even over a long period of use.

Normal 6 Filter, Special 2 Filter


IPDL (lntense Pulsed Double Light) + N-Tight = Skin Rejuvenation Platform
Excellent safety
Self cooling system to protect skin surfaces
Quick recovery
Delicate treatment with multiple pulse duration options helps patients make a quick recovery
Dual lamp
Stable delivery of high-power energy in a short time (0.015 sec / 253J) Drop rate of less than 5%
Energy-safe SUPER VELOCE 4800
Generates energy while treating patient safety as a top priority
Rapid treatment time
Enables high speed treatment by producing a set amount of energy
Single handpiece delivery system
Easy to use
Comes with six filters
Cost-effective with no need to purchase separate handpieces


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