Technical Capability

At ilooda, we specialize in

hospital medical devices
with clinical applications based on
the precision control of energy.

Ready, Set, Go!

In 2020, ilooda established a series of
new infrastructure projects for life-cycle R&D.
We are proud to present the powerful ilooda Center,
complete with professionals from a range of fields.
The center allows us to perform every process from planning and developing advanced technology to manufacturing and testing in-house.

Organizational structure of ilooda's
affiliated research institutes

Strategy Planning Office

new business projects,
product planning, government work
and R&D planning

Creative Destruction -
Breaking free
from familiar paradigms
to strive for excellence.

ilooda’s Strategy Planning Office
carries out new business projects
and product planning, as well as
government work.

  • Biomedical
    Research Center

    Original research in cutting-edge medical technology

    Changing the Future of the World – ilooda Biomedical Engineering Center: Ensuring the health of future generations

    We develop original technology and carry out advanced research to verify the next generation of medical technology.
    Our research focuses on imaging diagnosis technology for pores, veins, and pigment disorders by utilizing AI

  • R&D Center 1

    Research into specialized skin and beauty medical technology

    Technology Research Center 1: Beauty technology research toward the goal of leading the global market for skincare equipment.

    Using high frequency energy, lasers, and focused ultrasound technology, we focus on developing medical devices for cosmetic purposes and specialized technology for improved skincare.

  • R&D Center 2

    General medical technology research such as diagnosis and treatment

    Technology Research Center 2: 'Big Bowl' of applications in the energy-based technology field

    We focus on developing medical equipment for treatment purposes using high frequency energy, lasers, and focused ultrasound technology, as well as specialized technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of general diseases

RA Strategy Office

Medical device testing,
academic research,
and certification
and authorization strategy
for each country.

RA Strategy Office:
Advancing patient-centered
clinical validation and licensing.

We verify safety and validity
by setting approval strategies
for each country
and conducting official testing
as well as clinical research.
We also carry out work including
domestic and foreign certification,
clinical research, insurance registration,
and the assessment of
new medical technology.

ilooda’s product cycle infrastructure
Company-affiliated research institutes

Strategic Planning Office Medical Research Institute
System Development Product Development ALGORITHM
  • New Technology
  • Original Research
  • Avoiding patented technology
  • Long-term focus
  • Developing original technology
R&D Department
System Development Product Development Quality Assurance
  • Development of high frequency/
    laser medical equipment for skin beauty
RA Strategy Office
RA Clinical Training
  • 01Establishment of Quality Certificate Assurance strategy
  • 02Korean and overseas certification management
  • 03In-House Clinical Training
  • Exploratory
  • Trial Product,
  • Performance
  • Biological
  • Clinical
  • Clinical




Many ask us why ilooda,

an SME from South Korea,
is so passionately stubborn about achieving
world-class technology development.
We would like to share with you
our achievements so far so that perhaps
when we meet, we may hear that we were right.

Laser/ Optic
Laser Medical
Equipment Technology

We’ve diversified our range of indicants
and products via the application of laser technology.
The selective absorbability of the laser enables
the delivery of laser treatment energy to a target lesion.

  • Laser resonation and precision control technology
  • High-stability power supply control technology
  • Stable electric energy technology for optical pumping

RF Energy
High Frequency Medical Equipment Technology

Micro-needle Fractional RF System technology,
ilooda’s best-selling product, has been clinically verified.
This technology directly delivers energy to the dermis
while minimizing damage to the epidermis.
We also possess an RF Multi-Platform technology
that utilizes multiple electrodes (invasive/ non-invasive) and handpieces.

  • High-frequency oscillation technology
  • Frequency waveform and output precision control technology
  • Minimally invasive multi-micro needle electrode technology
  • Micro RF Multi-platform technology
  • Other minimally invasive micro-needle electrode technologies

focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology

ilooda’s non-invasive technology delivers focused ultrasound energy to the target skin layer without damaging the epidermis.

  • Power Injection Molding (PIM) small piezoelectric element manufacturing technology
  • Conjoined transducer and driving part cartridge technology

Target Laser(Vision) Laser Targeting Technology

We have developed a technology to identify lesions through image analysis and focus the laser on a target lesion.

  • Lesion Identification technology using a multi-waveform imaging diagnosis sensor.

  • Multi-wave form imaging diagnosis technology using light absorption

  • Standard medical image data-based disease diagnosis and tracking algorithm technology

  • AI-based diagnosis and image analysis technology

R&D Investment Status

We actively invest in research,
with approximately 10% of yearly sales invested in
creating new products and advancing our current technology.
We also maintain a 30% ratio of researchers to total employees
to ensure continued R&D progress.

R&D manpower ratio0

  • 75
  • 85
  • 96
  • R&D

  • Production

  • Office Work

  • Sales


average R&D investment


annual ratio of
researchers to total employees

(5 years average)

Average annual ratio of researchers

Average annual ratio of
research investment

annual ratio of
research investment to sales

(5 years average)

Certified Corporate Affiliated
Research Institute
(Korea Industrial Technology Association)

  • Korea Industrial Technology Association

    Certification of
    Corporate Affiliated

  • Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy

    R&D Sandbox

  • Ministry of SMEs and Startups

    Advanced Technology
    Center Business


    the Technology
    Innovation Awards

Government Projects with ilooda
as the Host Institute in the Past Five Years:

  • Ministry of SMEs and Startups

    Global Strategy Technology Development Project

    Developed medical equipment for onychomycosis treatment using 1064nm semiconductor diode laser and grinder.

    Learn more about commercial products
  • Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy

    Advanced Technology Center Project

    Built augmented-clinical-trial-based intelligent platform and developed laser treatment technology using polarized diagnostic sensor and treatment guide algorithm.

  • Ministry of Science and ICT

    commercialization of public-procurement-linked empirical research on people’s lives

    Developed and released Handheld Nonmydriatic Fundus camera and fundus image reading system in order to improve accessibility to public healthcare services and reduce healthcare disparities.

  • Ministry of Science and ICT

    Innovation Voucher Support Project

    Developed goblet cell imaging test equipment and quantification algorithm for precise diagnosis and treatment of dry eye syndrome.

  • Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy

    Design Innovation Capability Empowerment Project

    Developed everyday prevention and control and digital healthcare services product technology for non-contact lifestyles.

  • Korea Medical Device Development Fund

    Korea Medical Device Development Fund Project

    Developed AI diagnosis guidelines for retina and cataracts, as well as a hand-held all-in-one camera /Conducted empirical research on a hand-held ophthalmic camera for screening diagnosis of anterior and posterior segments.

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